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Enhancing Patient safety and delivering greater efficiency.

We work with organisations to make improvements using Supply Chain Management principles and methodology.

We believe Supply Chain services should be designed so that Clinical staff are able to focus on their core role of patient care. This enables improvements in safety and can underpin an organisation’s efficiency.

R2 simplifies the process of improvement by breaking down all changes into three key building blocks: These are People, Process and Technology.

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Healthcare is amazing! Teams work together to treat patients and change people’s lives.

R2 Consulting exists to make a difference, to share knowledge, connect people and support making Healthcare safer.

We specialise in Supply Chain Management, Procurement Transformation and supporting teams to gain insight through analytics. All these elements support organisations on their Road to supply chain excellence.

Our Services


Supply Chain Transformation

Our services are designed to drive Supply Chain Transformation. Enabling organisations to understand where they are now and how they can adapt and improve.

Our services are adapted to client requirements and are delivered stand alone or as an overall package.

R2 exists to help you make changes that deliver benefits immediately and support you on your road to success.

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Clinical Pathway Supply Chain Design

Our experience and knowledge enable us to offer a unique service. We work with organisations to review Clinical pathways, which are in the process of being digitised or in preparation for future change.

We can design and support implementation of solutions which will create a solid supply chain foundation for the long-term benefit of healthcare organisations.

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Insight through analytics

R2 work with organisations to guide them on their analytics journey. We believe it is essential to understand current utilisation and design a vision for the future. We work to focus on clear questions, to frame any analytics and we ensure outputs are embedded. By creating a clear methodology we enable teams to gain actionable insights from data which they already have access to.

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“Developing and optimising the Supply Chain with customers is a core part of what we do, working with R2 has allowed us to review where improvements can be made within our operation to the benefit of our customers. The approach taken by R2 is refreshing and by sharing knowledge and collaborating, we are all able to help develop the Healthcare Supply Chain.” Director