Supply Chain Transformation

We work with organisations at all stages of development, understanding and experience. Our work supports clients to make immediate changes and helps teams to change and develop their knowledge.

Services are designed and customised to suit organisations. From a review of the current supply chain to the creation of a long-term supply chain transformation plan; R2 offers a bespoke service.

Our experience allows a unique perspective on Supply Chain management. We bring a patient focused analytical approach that helps build enthusiasm and knowledge across all stakeholders. R2 recognises a key element for success is People. People who have a passion for improvement and driving efficiency. We value the skills and knowledge of Procurement and Supply Chain Management. R2 strives to support any organisation who share our values.


Clinical Pathway Supply Chain Design

Supporting digital transformation is a critical part of any Healthcare supply chain. Our services highlight where supply chain best practices and the use of standards can support patient safety and deliver increased value to an organisation.

Our knowledge and experience offer a different perspective; demonstrating why supply chain management should form an integral part of any clinical organisation.

We have supported at a regional level across a wide-ranging area in relation to Scan4Safety. Using detailed examples of benefits to engage with stakeholders across all clinical and non-Clinical areas.

We help to show organisations how they can use the Scan4Safety methodology to underpin their organisational vision. Outputs of a review highlight the benefits of a core infrastructure delivered by the Supply Chain team and allows teams to understand what Scan4Safety could mean for them.


Insight through analytics

Many organisations are data rich but insights poor. R2’s mission is to map the road to analytics success working with your teams and partners to reframe information which you already have at your fingertips.

Data is likely being captured and analysed across an organisation. Data captured is growing and the potential for insights ever increasing.

We work with organisations to design how data will be captured, processed and utilised. This ensures information can be used to drive action and change. Our approach analysis current factors and designs an appropriate future strategy.

Our services are wide ranging we can offer a simple initial assessment to identify key information organisations are not utilising. This can be built into an approach to gain insight and change current practices.

We can work with you to develop visualisations and work in conjunction with tools and solutions already in place. R2 works to map insights and support people to understand why information is of value and how they can use within their roles.